Matthew Kelly net worth, salary, yearly income and profitable ventures

Matthew Kelly’s net worth is the center of a lot of attention since he operates a not for profit organization called Dynamic Catholic. Besides that he also owns several for profit companies.

Matthew Kelly
Matthew Kelly

But first who is Matthew Kelly? Matthew has committed his life to helping individuals and associations excel at what they do. He was blessed with confidence and started talking and writing at a young age. Mr. Kelly is entrepreneurial and has gone on to create and promote several successful ventures.

Ever wonder what is Matthew’s net worth?

According to several well read websites, Mr. Kelly’s net worth is between $1 to $5 million. His income varies and is estimated to be around $100,000 to $1 million a year. His main source of income is through his speaking engagements and book sales. The prolific author has sold over 20 million copies of his books worldwide.

Besides that, he is also a partner at a management consulting firm which is located in Chicago. The firm has several reputed clients such as McDonald’s, US Bank, 3M, Ernst & Young, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Air Force, Michelin, and more than 50 other Fortune 500 companies.

He is also the founder of Dynamic Catholic which was behind the creation of Decision point. It is used by over 10,000 parishes to deliver confirmation to young Catholics.

His writings have been read by millions of people all over the globe. Today, Kelly is a universally acclaimed speaker, creator, and business adviser. His books have been distributed in excess of 25 dialects, have showed up on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today, and have sold in excess of 20 million copies.

Matthew has also been instrumental in founding a not for profit organization. Matthew is happily married and is blessed with five children.

According to NCRonline:

Dynamic Catholic’s parish book program nets money for the nonprofit Dynamic Catholic — $1.8 million in 2017, according to board member Brian Caster. But profits that year for Kelly personally were more than double that, almost $5 million in that year, according to the book publisher’s former chief operating officer.

Another quote from a recently published article (2020) article says:

Whatever salary, if any, he has drawn directly from Dynamic Catholic since 2015 has been negligible. Tax documents show $160,000 a year from “related organizations.” In addition to the three companies that do business with Dynamic Catholic, Kelly also owns and oversees a vast and complicated network of other for-profit companies, including a high-end watch company and several LLCs (limited liability corporations) that seem to be real estate holdings. Profit and salary information on these companies is not public.

The main source of income for the not for profit side of his business comes from ambassadors who donate $10 a month. That ends up close to $250,000 a month. The article from NPR also states that Matthew Kelly’s for profit businesses exclusively deal with the not for profit side.

That helps Mr Kelly manage the supply and the demand. On average, 80 percent of all spending from his not for profit organization ends up at his for profit organization, according to his public tax filing documents.

Personal side of Matthew Kelly’s wealth

Kelly’s open life makes him an “obvious objective” for judgment. Be that as it may, there’s a private side also, and he said that he drives an expensive vehicle since his mom made him guarantee to drive the safest vehicle money could buy after his most sibling died in an accident.

Kelly’s pioneering soul was imbued by his dad, Floyd, who experienced childhood in poverty in London and left school at 12 years old, however inevitably turned into a prosperous businessperson in Australia. “Sitting during supper every night was essentially similar to taking classes for a MBA,”


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